About us

Welcome to Sigrid & Magnus’ Manufacturing

S&M Manufacturing started with CEO Sara Roy.  Sara has been sewing since she was 8 years old. This has been a lifetime passion for designing and creating that has led to starting a sewing business. In 2010 Sara started her sewing business as an alteration, consignment shop. This business slowly became a bag making business, closing the alteration shop to  work as an independent contractor for a time.  Then with the help of a friend  S & M Manufacturing came to be in 2012.  The friend left the company and soon after Chris came on board.

The company makes Handbags, totes, messenger bags, clutches and other products for various clients such as :

Rough & Tumble out of Norway, ME.   Bevy Bags out of Boston, MA.   Intervale Mercantile out of Freeport, ME.   Avian  Research Supplies Portland, ME.

We are also known in the medieval reenacting world (SCA) as Sigrid & Magnus’ Leather Emporium

As medieval lifestyle enthusiasts, Sara and Chris have been creating new and unique products for over 3 years. most of the products Chris and Sara make are based off products they needed and use themselves. Chris made himself 2 dozen arrows and a quiver and now makes custom arrows and quivers by commission. Both Sara and Chris are archers and make a variety of archery accessories that they both use on the firing line. From head to toe , they are both outfitted in garb and accessories that they’ve designed, made, and marketed. check the galleries for pictures of most of their work.

Outside of personal gear like belts and pouches, they also make tents. Chris designed and constructed an angle wall marquee tent as a personal tent, and 2 viking wedge tents for the kids, to go to medieval events. after over 2 years of selling leather and canvas products at events, Chris realized he could add tent making to his repertoire and make tents by commission. In the last 6 months, He has made 2 more angle wall marquee tents, 2 viking wedge tents and a detachable wall round tent.